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Aligning People Processes Technology

In Motion Marketing enables B2Bs to find the fastest path to marketing-led growth by designing and implementing result-driven strategies for entrepreneurs. This full-service digital marketing agency spares no effort in providing better leads and quicker leads for the clients. If your business is searching for a pathway to growth, then In Motion is an apt choice.

The dedicated team of professionals handles website design and development and social media management by simplifying the clients’ marketing needs. Further, the team knows how to get buyers engaged and ready to purchase the clients’ products and services. 

The company focuses on helping small businesses to find growth opportunities. It helps clients in attracting more customers and outwits the competitors. Consequently, GoodFirms researchers found that due to such remarkable digital marketing services, the company has gained a prestigious position amongst the top digital marketing companies in Australia.

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to connect with the company’s Head of Marketing, Bryan Philips, the head of marketing, to discuss his company’s service offerings and how he foresees placing his company.

While introducing In Motion Marketing and presenting a brief about his role within the organization, Bryan stated that the company helps B2Bs keep their marketing strategy up to speed to match buyers’ requirements to perform various business activities. As the head of Marketing, he says he wants to help clients with a no-holds-barred approach while designing and executing their new strategies and, more importantly, work hand-in-hand to ensure the smooth flow and functioning of services.

The Inception Story 

Bryan highlights the story behind starting the company and expresses that his better half (Michelle Philips) and he together started this business at the beginning of the pandemic. He added that both of them observed a shift in how businesses were operating (the move towards remote and adopting fractional/visual CXOs) and saw this as an opportunity to enable businesses to rethink their marketing strategies.

Business Model

Further, regarding the company’s business model, Bryan said that as a bootstrap startup, the company employs a blend of in-house specific third-party vendors to run the business efficiently and deliver content to valued clients. 

Distinguishing Factors 

When asked what gives his company an edge over the competition Bryan shares that his organization is obsessed with aligning people, processes, and technology. This helps the company to execute strategies faster than more prominent agencies. The experienced team members believe in giving the customers more value in a shorter period.

Industries served 

Team GoodFirms also enquired with Bryan regarding the industries they commonly cater to. The HOM (Head of Marketing) answered that the company predominantly works with B2Bs in the technology industry. This includes software vendors and professional services (that cater to tech companies). 40% of the clientele are the founding customers, and 90% of the business is through the retainer model. 

Bryan further added that being the full-service digital marketing agency, the clients mostly approach the company with the following services:

  • Messaging that communicates how the client’s product or service offers value, for example, StoryBrand Framework. 
  • Capturing Demand that aligns sales and marketing with generating leads from channels with a high ROI, for instance, SEO, CRO, Email, and paid search. 
  • Demand Generation includes content creation to help buyers discover brands/products that add value while they are online, for example, social media, podcasts, audiograms, videos, and infographics.

Customer Satisfaction Rate 

While discussing the customer satisfaction rate, Bryan expressed that the clients are delighted with the company’s performance. According to him, the key to maintaining a high level of satisfaction is open communication, setting the right expectation, and delivering on the promises made.

The HOM further expressed that the experienced team of professionals caters to the client’s queries and issues by offering 1:1 contact and employing direct messaging channels like Slack to stay in touch with clients. The company makes use of tools like Asana to manage projects and track priorities. Regular meetings are held to talk face-to-face and refine the company’s work.

In discussing the payment structure to bill the clients, the HOM clarified that the company operates on a monthly retainer and the cost fluctuates depending on the required services. It is highly bespoke and based on how much value the company’s services offer clients.

Further, the company policy believes in taking on “passion projects” where there is an opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship. In 2021, the organization will cater to minimum and maximum price ranges between $1,500 and $10,000 (monthly retainer).

While concluding the interview, when Team GoodFirms enquired about where Bryan sees his company in a decade, he thoughtfully stated that his company desires to create a community of marketers and businesses that benefits from the organization’s processes and best practices.  

You can go through the entire interview of In Motion Marketing HOM, Bryan Philips, on the GoodFirms website.

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Bryan Philips
I'm Bryan Philips from In Motion Marketing, where we turn B2B marketing challenges into growth opportunities. I create marketing strategies and deliver clear messaging, working closely with CEOs, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We're known for our precision in messaging, creating impactful demand generation, and producing content that drives conversions, all tailored to each client's unique needs.
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